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In 2016 I started my study in Game Design at the HKU (university of arts utrecht), but even before that I was working on maps and mods for a variety of games like Garry’s Mod, Insurgency and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. With one of my items getting over 2000 downloads and taking the number one spot for days.

In the beginning of my study I was mostly focused on level design, but during my first few years I developed my Design and Game Design skills further and my focus started to shift. I shifted toward an all around game designer role with a focus on core gameplay.

I truly believe that a good gamer designer should know a little bit about everything (in the industry), this way you can make designs with a reasonable scope and communicate better with your teammates. With that in mind I started to teach myself more programming skills.

With my newly acquired skills we managed to make the prototype of Push Your Family (2018) without a programmer (for more info about this project or following projects please scroll down).

After this project I started my internship at Pillows Willow VR Studio (https://www.pillowswillow.com/) in september where I worked on Exodus Burned, my main tasks where to design and create challenges (mini games) this tremendously increased my programming skills, which made it possible for me to design and finish more and more challenges (and I also discovered the amazing existence of Odin Inspector).

After my internship was done I did a assignment for the Imagine Film Festival, in this project I took the role of Team Manager, Game Designer and Support Programmer. And we managed to create three digital and three physical games for the festival that where as accessible as possible, and they were a hit! The digital games had the same type of movement as the prototype of push your family, but with a different approach to the gameplay from a singleplayer game to free for all battles.

In September of 2019 we started again with the development of Push Your Family, this time with the goal to work towards a finished product and learn more about the business side of the game industry, since this is the topic we and I knew the least about.

As I mentioned earlier I believe that a good game designer should be able to know a little bit about everything and this is why I associate myself with a chameleon. Just like a chameleon a game designer should adapt to its environment.

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“Fail faster, succeed sooner.”


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