Project omschrijving

Push Your Family (Prototype)

Push Your Family is a local multiplayer couch party game, with wacky physics and dangerous attractions. In the game there is a family like no other, dying to go out and have fun. They might not be the most peaceful family, but family is family.

The goal of the game is to survive and eliminate other players, the core mechanic of our game is pushing and you use this to move your opponent of the stage or in one of the hazards. The last player to survive wins the round and a match exists out of 3 rounds. A round only takes 1 to 3 minutes and is a exiting experience.

When we started with Push Your Family our goal was to great a fun game that was quickly to make, so that we could iterate fast and make the game as fun as possible. We made the concept with a team of 3 people and when development started we were joined by two other people, one sound designer and one extra designer. Within the team we had no developer so our artist and I decided to focus on programming.

My Part

Team Lead:
I made sure that everybody did their part on time.

Game Design:
I had control over the global game design. So the overall systems that are the same in each level. For example the pushing system and camera type and position.

Most of my time in the project got consumed with building the game from prototypes till the current state. I mainly focused on the pushing system and a manager that tracked player stats like deaths, round won, etc.