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Push Your Family

The game that brings you closer and pushes you apart! Join the most wacky family in the universe! Proof your oh-so important point by pushing each other, or work together like only a family can.

Push Your Family is a local multiplayer party game with wacky physics, that can be enjoyed by gamers and non-gamers alike. Pick up a controller and play Campaign (Co-op), our main mode Battle or one of the other versus modes, no tutorial needed!

Main Mode Battle:
Be the last family member to survive by pushing your opponents into the dynamic level hazards while scarcely avoiding the danger yourself.

Other Modes:
Play one of our unique game modes like ‘Quarantine’ in which All family members are infected, but only one person can leave the house… You will need to make your way to the Disinfector 9000™ and leave the house without touching infected family members!Or play one of the classics like ‘Capture the Flag’ in which you work in teams or alone, capture the flags of others and defend your own.


In the near future the family has planned a road trip, where they have to join forces and be an actual family for once!

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My Part

Game Design:
I had control over the global game design. So the overall systems that are the same in each level. For example the pushing system and camera type and position.


Business Development: