Project omschrijving

Never Forget

Never Forget Is a game with 3 different target audiences:

  1. People that have dementia and are diagnosed.
  2. People that might have dementia and are not diagnosed.
  3. Jong People that don’t have dementia.

For these three different target groeps we had two goals, slowing down dementia (1 & 2) and informing (2 & 3).

For target audience 1 and 2 our goal was slowdown the dementia prosses so that people would have a longer and also more qualitative life.
For target audience 2 and 3 our goal was to inform. Dementia is death cause number one world wide and there are ways to slow it down.

Research shows that dementia can be slowed down by brain stimulation, this is why our game is a pattarn recocginition and memorie game to stimulate the brains. There are already other brain trainers on the market, but our game communicates patterns is 5 different ways, these 5 different ways do all use a different part of the brain. This way the player uses a bigger part of there brain than with other braintrainers. This makes our game better for the applied purpose of treating dementia than other braintraining apps.

Our gameplay is based on scientific research, but has not been validated by researchers.

My Part

I was the only person that wasn’t korean and I was the only person that was a game designers. Within this game jam I used different tactics to make and test different concept like brainstorming and paperprototyping.

Most of my time in the project got consumed with building the game from prototypes till the current state. I mainly focused on the pushing system and a manager that tracked player stats like deaths, round won, etc.