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Power Transmission

Power Transmission is a local co-op puzzle game, where you have to share 3 abilities with each other to reach the top. The game exits of 5 levels, after you completed all levels you will be reunited with your lost love. The game is Free to download, so why don’t give it a try (you do need 2 Xbox controllers).

We made this game for the Global Game Jam of 2018, I am proud of what we managed to make within the short time period. After the concept was done I meanly focused on level design. I used flowchart to define the gameplay per player per level, because players should have to use the same ability quickly after each other to stimulate communication between players. I made blackout’s based on the flowcharts and spend the remaining time on implementing the art.


Game Designer / Level Designer


Game Project


Party Pushers


After the Global Game Jam we presented our game on the Dutch Game Garden. It was lots of fun seeing other people enjoy our game and we also learned a lot on how to improve the game.