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Exodus Burned

Exodus Burned is a full body tournament-style VR experience played with two teams with two players, consisting of a set amount of challenges engaging the players physically and mentally in a race against the clock to reach the end.
Each challenges works differently, asking a different type of skill from the player, for some challenges you have to be fast, for some you have to be careful. However the basis for the challenges is always the same, grab blue block to advance, avoid red blocks.

I worked on Exodus Burned during my intership at Pillow’s Willow VR Studio. During this intership I made big leaps in my technical abilities as a game designer by making mini games (also called challenges) from start to finish with the existing framework of the game.

My Part

Game Design Intern:
As an Intern at Pillows Willow VR Studio I spend my time designing challenges, building challenges (in Unity C#), Testing / QA and giving demos. But my main focus within my internship was designing and building challenges.

During my internship I created “The best challenge we have!”. In this challenge players needed to match the right body part with the right holo (cube), whiles staying with the rhythm (in the video to the right you can see this challenge).

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